Getting Started

From the initial introduction to the completed products, Chaé Manufacturing will assist you in all aspects of the process from start to completion that other contract manufacturing companies do not provide without additional fees.

  • High Performance Products that generate long term Customer Loyalty.
  • Thirty plus years Research and Development in the cosmetics industry.
  • Select active, unique ingredients that will support the performance criteria you require.
  • Create samples for your selected products as well as INCI proper ingredient lists for your approved formulas.
  • Formulas can be created based upon budgeting guidelines without compromising the efficacy of your products.
  • Packaging Support including sourcing options, budgeting allocations, short and long term volume projections, availability of containers and closures and labeling options.
  • 2500* to 1 million + units capability per product, with various fill options.
  • We will provide a marketing or product story catered to your specialized products.
  • Chaé Manufacturing helps a client properly evaluate how to select the best formulas to successfully meet the needs of its customers. We begin with our library of proven formulas. Next, we customized them exclusively for each client so that they have the perfect solutions.

The client is then able to promote their products based upon profiles generated by Ms Chaé. Her vast knowledge, research and understanding of high performance herbals and medicinal ingredients are provided for each and every formula. Many raw materials are accompanied by Clinical Studies with data that can augment your marketing efforts. We also guarantee the incorporation of such ingredients at full clinical levels. In addition, our unique, exclusive technologies enhance the performance of these active ingredients, along with the non-chemical emulsification and preservative systems we use. The end result is ultimate product integrity and the long-term customer loyalty you want.

Customized unique and exclusive formulas

Specialist and world leader in natural, organic, and ToxicFree® formulas

Chaé’s base formulas guarantee proven, tested products

  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Micro
  • Market

*First Run Promotion