Customer Loyal Products

High Performance Products That Generate Long-term Customer Loyality

  1. Particularly important to autoship or continunity sales
  2. When customers come back to purchase these products, it creates exposure to other products you offer

Chaé Manufacturing products address the growing demand for pure … safe … organic … eco … Iuxury skin and hair care products through a comprehensive line of ToxicFree formulations that support a broad product line exceeding new stringent legislative guidelines, such as Bill 484, the California Safe Cosmetics Act. Based on its market experience and research, the Company believes there is a substantial market opportunity available to provide top quality skin and personal care products offering ToxicFree solutions for which consumers are willing to pay premium prices.

The Company’s founder, Linda Chaé is a well-recognized industry authority in ToxicFree® cosmetics, where she has innovated products since the 1970’s. Ms. Chaé founded the Company in 2005 in response to the large market opportunity presented by growing consumer awareness of the health dangers posed by conventional cosmetics products.

“Cosmetics are being marketed in the United States which may pose a serious hazard to the public. Over 2,983 chemicals used in cosmetics … and one-third (884) of these ingredients have been reported as toxic substances …”

—Senator Edward Kennedy, quoting a General Accounting Office Report.

“The number one source of home poisonings is household cleaning products; number three is cosmetics. The number one source of poisonings of children under the age of six is personal care products.”

—Poison Control Center Annual Report

” … at birth, the average newborn’s umbilical cord blood contains traces of 200 toxic chemicals.”

—Metro West Daily News, Framingham, MA

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