Ingredients, Actives and More

Chaé Manufacturing ToxicFree® Clinical Strength Products provide natural and organic formulations backed by Clinical Studies and a broad range of test market performance validation. We are the only company that is both USDA Organic and ToxicFree® Certified.

The clinically tested, Emmy featured Chaé Skin Memory System provides benefits within 4 weeks:

  • 96.2% – Increased skin suppleness
  • 69.6% – Firming effect
  • 450/0-55% – Decreased wrinkles
  • 50.5% – Nasolabial fold less visible
  • 76.9% – Restored elasticity
  • 78.2% – Reduced pigment irregularity
  • 69.2% – Increased skin brightness
  • 90.2% – Increased moisture
  • 63.3% – Imperfections reduced
  • 76.8% – Less skin sensitivity

Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA approval before they go on the market. The exception is color additives (other than those used in most hair dyes). Companies and individuals who market cosmetics have the legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products.

Safety data and its limitations are provided through the VCRP database, which is the Voluntary Cosemetic Registration Program. Our approach utilizes surveys of products, in-house cosmetic ingredient reviews and independent inspections when issues arise. We also just happen to be one of the leading authorities regarding clinical and active ingredients that carry the Certified ToxicFree® label.

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