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Chaé Manufacturing is the premier provider of natural and organic formulations backed by Clinical Studies and a broad range of test market performance validation. We are the only company that is both USDA Organic and ToxicFree® Certified. Our chief formulator is Linda Chaé who has over 35 years of experience in skin histology, study of raw material and processing, product marketing and client support services. Large and small clients alike enjoy the confidence and assurance that their products will exceed customer expectations.

ToxicFree® Differences

Chaé products are more than organic and natural, they are ToxicFree®. This means they don’t contain carcinogenic chemicals, which is not the case with other products marketed as organic but that contain ingredients such as paraben preservatives, propylene glycol, and ethoxolated compounds (Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Triethanolamine or PEGs). Major universities, government agencies and scientific studies have directly linked these chemicals to many diseases affecting the entire family. Chaé believes skin products should not contain harmful chemicals even if most or all other product ingredients are organic. The Company believes in a 100% ToxicFree® concept, which it incorporates to all its products without sacrificing their performance.

The market for ‘organic’ skin and personal care products is expected to continue growing at the fastest rate of any segment in the entire beauty care category. As new providers seek to serve this market, the Company anticipates a greater burden on consumers to determine which products are not only ‘organic’ but also safe. The Company intends to continue differentiating itself, among other ways, by using the ToxicFree® seal contained on all Chaé products and by educating consumers on the meaning of ToxicFree®.

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