Packaging Support

Chaé Manufacturing offers comprehensive private label manufacturing to our clients. We provide an Initial Launch starting at 2500 units for the first production run. Our production lines are industry compliant with the capability of filling 5000 – 1 million + units in various tubes, sprayers, jars, bottles and sample packets with a variety of sizes and cap configurations. We also offer tube fills, hot fills and tamper evident packaging.

We assist clients with sourcing packaging options based upon short and long term volume projections, budget allocations, timelines and availability of containers and closures, along with labeling options.

  • Based upon our experience, we will recommend containers most likely to be compatible with formulary ingredients, thus maximizing product integrity and the best chance of passing stability and stress tests.
  • We will always opt for ‘phthalate-free’ packaging.
  • Once packaging is determined, bottles and closures will be sent to Chaé for coordination and approvals.
  • Label Copy
  • We will provide draft copy and directions for client’s copywriters and graphic designers to generate final artwork.
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