Why Chaé?

Chaé Manufacturing is one of the most innovative and dynamic manufacturing companies today. Marketing companies can bring us their own ideas and formulas or immediately get started with our leading edge, tested formulations. We will help you be positioned to capture a share of the $7 billion global natural, organic skin care market, which is growing at 15%. This is the fastest growing segment in the $36 billion global skin care market. You can select from numerous clinical strength, patented, ToxicFree® ingredients that are extensively tested to ensure the delivery of high performance results. We are committed to help you have top quality product solutions in skin, hair and personal care products, as well as advanced anti-aging formulas, treatments, baby care, pet & household products. Whatever your target market, we have formulas to help you reach and keep your market.

Based upon the feedback from our very largest clients ($7 Billion+ each), our comprehensive services related to ToxicFree® product development and marketing, are the most extensive and unique in the industry. Collectively, if these services were conducted by your in-house personnel, the cost would greatly exceed the consulting fees. We outline the following in our Getting Started process and we also understand the international customer base. Contact us today to Get Started.

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